Optimizing Healthcare With AI

We leverage Artificial Intelligence and Analytics to take your healthcare organization to the next level

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Drive Efficiencies With the Right Resource Allocation

As resources get constrained in the COVID19 age, our algorithms help you discover where the next hot spots will be.

Allocate resources appropriately to the areas that need it the most.

Maximize revenue and optimize operational efficiency for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare billing and reimbursement continues to grow more complex as requirements get finer tuned for meaningful use.

Payor requirements grow more challenging as they look to contain their costs which ultimately affect your bottom line. Dendrosite helps your organization increase revenue by detecting patterns to amend your claim submissions, boost efficiency, streamline operations, reduce waste and improve publicly reported data. We build customized solutions on top of your existing EMR platform to strategically integrate your system and address your organization’s objectives. We serve healthcare organizations, payor entities, billing services, healthcare groups, and private practices.


AI + Analytics

As AI technology improves, enterprises can now take advantage of practical deployments of AI.

We leverage the latest technology to find patterns, automate operations and improve efficiency.

Optimize Operations

Free your time to focus more on your patients. We use data and automation to reduce the amount of time spent on back office administration and streamline your operations.

Our data driven approach creates solutions to reduce waste and minimize cost.

Maximize Revenue

Use our algorithms to detect anomalies in your claim submissions and prevent claim rejections. We pinpoint the source of your gaps and resolve them before rejectable claims are submitted.

Our platform learns the unique requirements of each payor and organizes the submissions accordingly.

Improve Quality

We help improve patient care through improved documentation, improved meaningful use, improved efficiency, improved patient outcomes, and improved communication; which ultimately results in improved patient experiences.

Ensure Compliance

Our services will help your organization ensure that all compliance documents and data is accurately captured, reported and configured.

We employ predictive analytics to identify risks and drive improvement programs for regulatory policies and initiatives.

Leverage Analytics

Leverage data analytics to ensure accurate data capture, track performance, and create scheduled dashboards.

Our analytical approach gets the right data to the right stakeholders at the right time. Deploy complex algorithmic models to improve efficiency and patient outcomes.

Gain insights into your operations

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